Tellervo Server

Tellervo Server is a collection of enterprise-class tools that are required to make the most of the data management functions within the Tellervo desktop client. It is designed for medium to large scale laboratories to manage and share their collections.

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Cross platform

Tellervo server is available as a VirtualBox Appliance to run on most operating systems.

Web services

Webservice infrastructure means data can be safely accessed from across the Internet

Relational Database

Information is stored in a robust PostgreSQL database


Integrates with IPT to deliver records to international biodiversity repositories

Web portal

Optional web portal for users to browse your collection

Open Source

Tellervo is free to use in both academic and commercial labs under GPLv3 license

Documentation and tutorials

You can learn how to install and use Tellervo through the manual which is available for download as a free PDF or in print form for a small charge. Alternatively you may prefer to watch the series of video tutorials.

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Development and Source Code

Tellervo is an open-source project so you can browse, download, and contribute to the code-base.