Welcome to the Tellervo website

Tellervo is a new system for measuring, managing and curating dendrochronological samples. It is free and open source software and is available for use on:

Windows Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP
MacOSX MacOSX 10.6 or later
Linux Ubuntu Linux 11.10 or later
Java Other Java enabled operating systems

Integrated 3D mapping

Tellervo includes an integrated 3D mapping system. This enables uses to visually browse the samples in their collection and better understand their spatial relationships. Tellervo also reads ESRI shapefiles and map data from Web Map Services to assist interpretation.

Field Data Collection System

Tellervo integrates with Open Data Kit (ODK) to provide a tailored field data collection system using Android devices. This enables users to collect rich field metadata, including GPS and photographs, that are then inserted directly into the user's Tellervo database.

Barcode-based curation

Tellervo makes use of a barcoding scheme to enable users to effectively curate their dendro collections. Barcodes dramatically reduce the amount of manual data entry required when measuring samples. Metadata is entered just once (typically soon after samples are collected), and then when samples are measured Tellervo uses the barcode to retrieve all the associated information for the sample. This also helps reduce the potential for user error.

Measuring platform support

Tellervo supports many standard measuring platforms including Velmex and Lintabs. Even if your platform is not currently supported, the modularised architecture of Tellervo means that additional measuring platforms can be supported very easily. Just get in touch and we'll help you out!

Tree Ring Data Standard

Tellervo uses the Tree Ring Data Standard (TRiDaS) at the heart of its database. This provides users with a standardised way of describing their dendro samples which is compatible with the next-generation of dendro software and data respositories. Thanks to the TRiCYCLE data transformation library, Tellervo is also able to input and export data from most widely used data formats.

Managing your dendro collection with Tellervo

Tellervo is a desktop application for measuring, curating, and analysing dendrochronological samples. It works in conjunction with Tellervo Server, which stores all the data and descriptive metadata about your samples in a relational database. The architecture of Tellevo means that it is easy for different users within a lab to store their data together and to work collaboratively. With the right login details users can access their Tellervo Server from across the Internet. It is therefore possible to share data and collaborate with users from other laboratories too.

To find out more please watch our video tutorials.

What’s New?

The Tellervo User's Guide has been published. It is available as a free PDF download or as a printed book.
The Tellervo source code is now hosted at Github. Developers are encouraged to contribute to the Tellervo project by forking the code.

Tellervo has been kindly funded by the Malcolm H. Wiener Foundation; the many patrons of the Aegean Dendrochronology project; the Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research, University of Arizona; and by Cornell University.